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Common Functions in the SAP Business One HANA Dashboard

SAP Common Functions

Common Functions

In the SAP Business One HANA dashboard, you can configure the “Common Functions” panel to provide quick and centralized access to the functions most frequently used by users. This panel typically includes shortcuts to key tasks and processes that facilitate daily business management.

Here is a brief description of what you might find in the Common Functions panel:

  • Quick Access to Modules: Direct links to essential modules such as Finance, Sales, Purchasing, Inventory, and Production, allowing for more efficient navigation.
  • Common Operations: Buttons or links to quickly perform daily operations, such as creating sales orders, generating invoices, making payments, and recording goods receipts.
  • Queries and Reports: Shortcuts to frequent queries and key reports that provide real-time information on the business status.
  • Management Tasks: Functions to manage common administrative tasks, such as updating customer records, managing price lists, and monitoring inventory status.

The Common Functions panel is designed to improve operational efficiency by providing immediate access to the most used tools and data, reducing the time required to navigate through multiple menus and modules.