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What Is SAP Enhanced Disaster Recovery Service?

A disaster is only declared by SAP when there is a loss of utilities and services and uncertainty on whether utilities and services can be restored within a reasonable period of time. As long as the production site has power and is connected to the Internet, it will not be considered a disaster.

Emergency incidents are assessed by SAP BTP and SAP Corporate Infrastructure Services. An SAP management member with proper authorization must officially declare a disaster in order to initiate a disaster recovery plan.

Operations from the “disaster recovery site” could last anywhere from a few weeks to many months. Initiation of the failback plan is at SAP’s sole discretion.

Standard Disaster Recovery

The SAP BTP, Neo environment includes a standard disaster recovery option. It is based on restoring data from backups that are stored at a disaster recovery site. For more information, see Standard Disaster Recovery.

The backups contain all the data stored in SAP Usage Data Management service for SAP BTP and SAP Document service. For more information about these services, see Solutions and Services.