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4 Tips for a effective remote work

Today in our #TipOfTheWeek our Commercial Strategy Manager, María Crivelli, shares with us 4 strategies to encourage your team to work efficiently when working from home.

  1. Make sure everyone knows their goals:

“Don’t tell me the hours you work, tell me what you get.” Knowing what is expected of each Role and the priority of each objective is key to promoting good time management, and in turn, being able to evaluate the performance of each collaborator. Remember the objectives that are sought must be SMART (Specific-Measurable-Achievable-Relevant-Temporary).

2. Establish effective ways of communication:

Virtuality cannot completely replace closeness and face-to-face contact, however, it gives us many tools to communicate. Establish which ones are the right ones for the team. Teamwork continues to be the key piece.

3. Be empathic:

Of course there are certain standards that cannot be sacrificed, but you must understand that remote work has its benefits and some challenges that require tolerance. Working from home implies, among many things, that there may be unforeseen events, family situations, noises, even new participants in the calls. Your team has not taken their home to the office, they have been in the situation of having to take their work to home, be tolerant and respectful of this.

4. Provide the tools:

Working without the necessary tools will never give the expected result, or can lead to a workload that detracts from efficiency. Be aware of the needs of your team.