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4 Ways To Improve Business Performance With SAP Business One

1. Optimize Employee Productivity

Want more consistency in your organization? Get SAP Business One. You can increase employee productivity by using the system to designate workflow to individuals or teams throughout the business. For instance, you can use SAP Business One to authorize multi-level purchases or for increasing credit limits.

As your business grows, SAP Business One integrates further into warehouse management. You can opt for customized SAP Business One add-ons that assist with tracking activities all from one dashboard. You can then implement more complex strategies and use them across multiple businesses.

2. Seamless Integration into Other Applications

You might be using multiple programs within your business. Notice how most of those programs would boost the efficacy of another if they could all be integrated into one system? With SAP Business One, you can do just that. Business applications that communicate with one another will accelerate productivity by reducing redundant data-entry tasks.

Some examples of SAP Business One integration include:

  • Courier service applications, like UPS, FedEx, and DPS
  • eCommerce, POS, and marketplace applications: Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, Digital River Global Commerce and others
  • SharePoint and MS Exchange
  • Online emailing services, like HubSpot and MailChimp
  • Communication applications, such as WhatsApp
  • Package tracking integrations
  • CRM integrations
  • Accounting and payment information

3. Real-Time Business Notifications

One of the major advantages of SAP Business One is that it is a comprehensive solution. With the aforementioned integration, you can eliminate fragmented data and retrieve it all in one place. Having everyone on the same page means that you can manage processes throughout the entire business more efficiently.

The other way you can do this is with real-time business notifications. SAP Business One delivers consolidated reports of corporate data to whoever needs it, when you need it. This real-time data reporting is ideal for addressing problems before they begin. SAP Business One has alerting functions built into the system, but you can further enhance this function by using the customizable notifications. You can even choose how those notifications are delivered — as HTML, emails with attachments, or even SMS text messages.

Here are some common alerts that you can send with the SAP B1 notification feature:

  • Credit control
  • Incomplete sales records
  • Customer account status records and updates
  • Stock level and stock movement alerts
  • Shipping and delivery status
  • Completed order status

4. Documentation Automation Made Easy

One thing that many SMBs lose time on is documentation. Creating, distributing, and managing documents happen within every department, but there is always room for human errors. When you automate documentation, you reduce the risk of mistakes, safeguard your organization, improve decision-making, and enhance visibility.

SAP Business One can automate the following document types:

  • Notices of shipping and delivery
  • Financial reports, such as aged debtors and cash flow status
  • Sales figures and KPI statistics
  • Click-through reports and other marketing reports

SAP Business One is a unique tool for small and mid-sized businesses. Since the program was introduced, it has been extremely beneficial to businesses by optimizing productivity, streamlining application integration, and automating documentation. If you are looking for an affordable and comprehensive method of managing your business processes, count on SAP Business One to provide a solution.

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